Webpack bundle analysis, for every commit

Webpack bundle bloat costs you money. Let us help trim it down.

Your customers are impatient

It is well researched that every second counts when it comes to customer conversion and satisfaction. The speed of your application has the potential to delight or frustrate.

Google estimates that 70% of cellular network connections globally will occur at 3G speeds or slower through 2020. People that see your application as slow will not stick around.

Webpack can be a liability

Webpack and the npm registry form a powerful combination for front end development. But, when left unchecked, this power can result in oversized assets, package overuse, redundant chunk contents, and a turbulent browser cache that ends up slowing down your delivery.

Analyze your webpack bundle over time

You won't improve what you don't measure. We give you a painless way to analyze the webpack assets you are producing. We'll track your bundle size, how often they invalidate the browser's cache, and allow you to dig deeper into the makeup of any individual webpack asset.

Optimize your individual assets

You can leverage this analysis to fine tune your application asset profile. Find bundle bloat, reduce repetition between chunks, and improve your caching strategies.

Continuous Visibility within GitHub

What good is one time analysis and optimization? We've also created a GitHub App that uses pull request checks so that you will get your bundle analysis in every pull request, and their performance concerns like size and cache behavior.

webpack bundle analysis reported to GitHub pull request

Make webpack bundle analysis a first class concern of your process.

webpack bundle analysis reported to GitHub checks

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